5 Simple Steps to Make a Graduation Greeting Card

Graduation is an important occasion in your life. As you plan to celebrate this milestone, it would be best if you sent some graduation cards to some of your friends and family members. Many people still find joy in receiving manual cards in this digital era and online design providers such as Mixbook can help you generate fantastic custom graduation cards that will put a smile on your recipient’s face. You can make the cards from scratch on your computer with ease, and you’ll even have fun doing it with the following steps.

Choose Your Online Provider

Several online providers are available for graduation cards, and the first step towards making your card is to select your suitable provider. Consider several factors such as cost, ease of use, and convenience when settling on your website. Note that some providers, such as Mixbook, have professionally pre-made templates that you can choose from and customize them to fit your preferences. This makes your work easier as you can only do the simple creation and leave the complicated part to the experts.

Select Your Layout

When you have a login to the website of your choice, you can look for the layout menu and pick one that matches the style and theme you are considering. The templates are readily available, but you can mess around with them, altering the color and other settings you might prefer. But be sure to take your time and go through several layouts to ensure you pick one that you will not have to make too many changes to.

Add Some Graphics

The best thing about making the graduation card yourself is that you can add all sorts of graphics available through the website. You can include your picture or clip art to make your card more appealing. Also, you can have features such as balloons, flowers, graduation caps, and other decorations that fit the graduation theme. You can also set your picture to take up the whole card by making it the background in the settings.

Pick Your Fonts Carefully

Most websites will have tons of different fonts. Take your time and research the suitable font for your card by reviewing other cards, templates, or samples. If you are not sure about the font best suited to add to your card, you can leave it for the professionals by selecting the available templates with the fonts that please you. You can add some texts to see how they will appear on your card and try out different ones until you are content.

Review Your Card and Print

After adding the necessary information on your card, including the graduation dates, ensure you review your card before you print. This will help you counter-check that all essential information has been captured on your card. It will also help you notice any errors before you publish your card, as it cannot be corrected once done. Also, consider the quality of your printing paper depending on the quality of your images on the card.

As you prepare to make your graduation cards, remember to take all the time you need. It will help you make the cards look as good as possible. With Mixbook, it is convenient and straightforward to make the cards. You can choose from the ready, professionally designed templates and customize them to capture the theme of your graduation. 

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