Best Solar Lights For Streets – The Advantages and Disadvantages

If you had been observing the trends in technology today, then you can say that new inventions are developed faster because everything changes within just months, which is indeed fascinating. Well, we are all aware that due to advanced technology, it is possible to create a world, which is a better place to live in, since everything that we need has turned out to be compact, digitalized and automatic. Take a look at lamps in the streets, you will notice that the traditional lighting system was changed from electric to a solar energy power supply.

Isn’t it amazing to witness such innovation in today’s generation because someone have trusted and invested on the best solar street lights, which could have been a good project in remote areas? Anyway, we cannot deny the fact that the more these experts try to work on a concept, the more they can enhance things that have been created in the past. This is actually the reason why new creations just keep on coming out and people also keep on relying on the latest ones, since everybody knows that this is better than the previous.

So, will this be the case of the solar street lights that we are hearing about today because this is not a type of technology that you can just replace the moment a new model comes out? Let’s say that after a year, you have found out that the lighting along the 10km street, where you usually pass by, has been modified with a better system. Considering the cost of changing the entire lighting system will be an issue, which means that you better know first the technology, and focus on its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a solar lighting?

You may have seen these street lights that are powered using solar panels, which is the work of technology. These panels, which is photovoltaic in particular or a PV, is the ones that recharges the battery for the lamp to light at night. Through this technology, the PV was found to automatically detect light from an outdoor source, that’s why, turning it on and off is also automatic – Visit for more details.

This is just like the traditional ones because it is also mounted and installed with a pole, but the latest inventions today makes use of the wireless technology, though it would be more expensive, of course. Actually, the only difference is the source of energy, used for this to function properly. It also comes with an LED or fluorescent lamps, though in windy areas, flat panels were used because it is good at enduring the wind.


First of all, it is cost effective and of great advantage in many ways. Remember that the source of energy is, basically coming from the sun, which means that it depends on it, and then, the energy that it can get from the sun is unlimited, so there is no need to worry about the monthly energy fees. It is true that you might find it expensive because you have to pay for it, but it will benefit you for a long term.

When it comes to the maintenance, you will surely have someone, who is capable of cleaning and changing the lamp or battery. The tasks will not even require expertise, even if it is along the street, which means that high paid labor is not really necessary. Since the maintenance is handy, you can just have to work on a schedule for regular checking and again, the cost for this is less compared to the traditional lighting systems.

The most important advantage here is the fact that using it would be very friendly to the environment because the amount of carbon footprints that are coming from non-renewable sources like fuel is greatly reduced. Another thing, the electricity that the panels are producing are non-pollutive – continue reading   on renewable energy. I supposed this is a great way to protect our environment, too.


Using a solar street lighting system is indeed a good thing just like the traditional ones because they are both for the safety of people, especially walking or driving at night. However, we have a few things to consider here.

Initially, investing in this would be costly, if you will compare it with the traditional one, though it is not an issue when funds are available. And then, since this has a value, then other people might steal it, but when security cameras are installed in the area, theft can be minimized.

Consider the region, where you are installing it. Snow and moisture may accumulate the PV, which may lead to reduced production of energy, so you have to monitor it properly to avoid such situation. Low quality rechargeable batteries easily worn out and the only remedy is to replace it with better ones to avoid additional costs for replacing it.

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